Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does your service work?

A: After we have customized a plan for you, we arrive at your house on a specified day of the week with all the groceries needed to cook every dish for you in your kitchen. No need for special equipment. We will bring everything we need.

Q: Does this take a long time?

A: Generally, our cook dates take 5-6 hours so by the time you arrive home from work, a sparkling clean kitchen and fully stocked refrigerator full of restaurant quality meals are the only way you will know that we’ve been there!

Q: Can you help me with food allergies/sensitivities?

A: Absolutely. We have dealt with many food allergies over the years and will insure your safety by avoiding any allergens that would cause any issues. We make most of our items from scratch and always carefully review label ingredients if using a purchased condiment or product.

Q: Our family has many dietary requirements and likes/dislikes when it comes to food. Can you design a menu that will satisfy everyone’s needs?

A: That is what we do best. With years of fine dining restaurant experience, we know what substitutes or omissions can be utilized to make every dish taste amazing so that you will never miss the gluten, extra sodium, dairy, or just omit mushrooms in a dish because your 3-year-old refuses to eat them.

Q: Does your service require a contract for a certain length of time?

A: No. We strongly believe that if you are not completely ecstatic with our food or if your circumstances change or if you decide you just really want to try one of the meal-in-a-box options to stoke your own inner chef, we will certainly not hold you to a situation that neither of us want.

Q: Can I hire you to help just until after I get back on my feet after surgery?

A: Of course. In fact, I encourage friends and family members to pool resources to hire us for a day or two, so they don’t have to find time to cook themselves and you don’t have to eat yet another macaroni and cheese dinner prepared by a well-meaning friend. And feel free to extend this offer to new moms and dads too!

Q: I live on the westside of Cleveland. Do you service that area?

A: While we do love the city’s westside, we limit our service area to the eastside within 15 miles of Chagrin Falls. If you are in doubt if you qualify, please contact us.

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